Kamis, 06 Januari 2011

Nokia C2 Specifications

Nokia C2 is a stylish mobile phone with dual SIM and SIM slot that can be hot swappable, features a powerful multimedia and messaging, as well as support for style mobile with dual SIM slot and an external hot swappable as well as multimedia and messaging features are great.
Features Nokia C2
SIM slot can be hot swappable
* Keep a SIM card in mobile phones.
* Rates multiple SIM card slots that can be hot swappable.
* Use hot keys to switch the active SIM quickly and smoothly.
* Manage your call costs by selecting a SIM card that is right for you.
Specifications Nokia C2
Table of Contents:
* Design
* Hardware
* The software and applications
* Communication
* Sharing and Internet
* Photography
* Music and Audio
* Games
* Recommended environment
* Package contents
* Accessories
you can buy your nearest shop or central cell phon or your nearest store though more freely using Nokia C2

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